MN Senior Care


My latest design project was to create a logo for MN Senior Care Partners. This is a new business that is just starting. So I had a clean slate to begin with.

The customer gave me some information about her company, some samples of some logos that she liked, and some color ideas. Then she set me free to design. From talking with her, I knew that she liked simple designs that had meaning. So I tried to infuse meaning into everything that I showed her, which was not always easy. My first page of logos included the large logo in the center, the small red and blue logo in the upper left, and the yellowish and blue logo in the upper right. I was trying to convey a hug, holding hands, and a helping hand to try to get the idea across of comforting and helping someone.

She liked the logo in the middle, but wanted to see more ideas. And I panicked a bit! I had already been searching through existing logo ideas online, and it seemed like the competition had some really good ideas, and they were all designed well.  I had no idea what I was going to do. So I played around a bit. And I came up with some really horrible logos. But then, I came up with some ideas that I liked better than my first batch of designs. Yea!

The new batch of designs were the top middle blue and green one, the lower left and lower right logos. I really liked the top middle logo, and I even liked it when it was more abstracted to not include the oval “heads” (the lower right logo). I didn’t love the lower left design, but it was better than my previous hand idea, so I had to include it.

The customer decided that she liked the middle logo best. So after a few tweaks, it became what you see here now.


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