Things have gotten busy this week, and I haven’t had as much time to create as I would have liked. So instead of creating, I am destroying.

Our new house was owned previously by a lover of wallpaper (or the previous previous owner was the lover, and the last owner didn’t mind it). I’m not kidding. One bathroom even has wallpaper on the ceiling. If that’s not a love of wallpaper, I don’t want to see what is!

So I have begun the task of removing said wallpaper. Since this is my first encounter with it, I started with the borders in one of the bathrooms. It was really easy to remove and only took 45 minutes to complete the entire project. Excited and hoping that everything else would go as smoothly, I moved on to the dining room. Only to find out why people hate removing wallpaper so much! It took me around 2 hours, and I only have this small chunk completed. It’s not really that it’s a difficult task, it’s just time consuming. And it seems to work best if done in layers. First I remove the top vinyl-like layer, and then I can remove the paper and glue part below. And I now have a lot of spackling to do, because I ruined the wall below it. Oops!

But when it’s all done, it will be worth it. I can’t wait!

_MG_7383 _MG_7379 _MG_7377 _MG_6649

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