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It’s Monday night and that means yoga night! Yea! I started taking yoga classes from my friend/co-worker Michele. She owns Silver Birch Yoga ( and has recently started offering classes at the Metamorphosis Meditation Center in Burnsville.

If you’ve never been to the Metamorphosis Center, it’s a really interesting space. They have a smaller room where Michele likes to hold her practices, and a larger room with a labyrinth. They also sell beads, candles, socks, and other items. The labyrinth room has a fireplace, comfy chairs, and bookshelves full of books. The bookshelves are really interesting because they contain an array of books. There are books on yoga and meditation, books on finding jobs and business, and my favorite random items, a book about the TV show Lost, and Dungeons and Dragons games. I don’t understand why the books are all there, but I love it ’cause it’s so random!

My other favorite oddity is the container that has free earplugs in it right by a basket for donations. I’m sure if you’ve been to the center for an event other than one of Michele’s classes, it probably makes sense, but as an outsider, it seems really random. And I love it!

A few weeks ago, I went to class an hour earlier to meet with Michele and take photos. Unfortunately, I really need to practice taking photos indoors. I got some really cute ones of Michele, but they are all blurry. Boo! There was also this really interesting trunk sitting below a bench full of rocks, and that photo came out blurry as well. So now I have a goal. I need to practice taking indoor photos and using my flash. I need to conquer this thing! Wish me luck.

beads bookshelves buddha_green business_cards candles earplugs jar_candles yoga_mats zen_cd

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