Poor Emily!


Our naughty cat Johnny has struck again! This is his third victim, Emily. Ok. So I don’t know for sure that Johnny did bite Emily, but it seems pretty likely. It’s hard to believe that Emily suddenly became neurotic and bit herself on her tail and back badly enough to scab over. And being that Johnny has two known previous victims… I’m just saying…

So things have been a little out-of-routine at our house lately. Emily has a really hard time with the standard, plastic “Cone of Shame,” so we had to try this soft cone for her. Since she seemed to still be able to lick her tail, we tried another cone that looks like an airplane pillow, and a few different topical items that were supposed to taste so bad that they would deter her. (Nick made sure to taste test each item we put on her, and he affirmed that they were indeed, not delicious.) After all of our trial and errors, we ended up sticking with a bitter apple spray and this soft cone. I think she’s getting used to the spray, so we still need to watch her. But the healing process is well under way. Hopefully this poor girl will be back to her crazy daredevil ways in no time without a cone to slow her down!


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