More Senior Photos


A few weekends ago, I met my cousin in-law and aunt at my aunt’s house for another senior portrait session for my cousin in-law’s son. The weather was a little on the chilly side, but otherwise beautiful. We started the session by my aunt’s house, which is nestled in the woods, which are surrounded by corn fields. In the woods, the light was a little darker, so I had to have my ISO up higher than I would have liked. The trees also cast some strange shadows that I’m going to need to Photoshop out.

From there, we went to a nearby river and bridge. Getting down to the river was a bit treacherous, but luckily, nobody was injured. My favorite photo comes from this part of the session. What I like best about this photo is that my cousin’s son is just standing on a sand bar and looking at my aunt (his grandma) who is standing up on the bridge. He did not seem to love getting his picture taken, so I like that he seems more comfortable than in the other photos. I also like that he really seems to stand out from the background. I did go into Photoshop and blur the background a little bit to exaggerate this, but even without blurring it, he stood out a lot. And as far as I know, that is it for the senior portrait sessions that I have going on for this year.

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