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Last week, some friends and I went to Toronto, Canada! One of my friends, Mindy Mejia, was going to a mystery writer’s conference, and her husband didn’t want to go with, so three of us friends tagged along. It was really fun! Toronto is like a cleaner, less smelly New York. We ate a lot of delicious food, drank a lot of delicious drinks, and saw a lot of cool things. My two favorite things to see were The Power Plant and the Toronto Islands. At The Power Plant, my favorite piece was Demonstration by Michael Landy. What a fun idea to make your art interactive and have others participate in it. And a lot of the signs were very powerful and funny.

Since I knew we would be walking around a lot, I decided to try using my phone for pictures, instead of carrying around my bulky, heavy camera bag. In some ways, I’m glad I did this, and in other ways, I’m not. It was challenging to take photos with my phone, since I couldn’t always see the display. Even though I had the option to adjust for exposure, I wasn’t sure if I was adjusting correctly. And then there’s that whole digital zoom thing…I completely forgot about it. So I was zooming in and starting to get comfortable with the camera, only to get home, download all the photos and realize that they are all horribly pixellated! So sad! But on the good side, my shoulder doesn’t hurt at all, I didn’t have to carefully maneuver around the places that were crowded, and now I know for the future! Plus, it will be fun to see how horrible these look in the future as technology gets better and better!

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