Senior Photos


My cousin recently asked me to take her daughter’s Senior photos. We met at Centennial Lakes in Edina, wandered around and took some photos, then shortly after she changed outfits, it started raining. So we rescheduled and met at the Peace Garden in Minneapolis. I felt bad that we had to reschedule, but I’m glad that we did. We wandered through the Peace Garden, the Rose Gardens, and Calhoun, and I think we got a lot of good shots. And since Bre (my cousin’s daughter) is so photogenic, I barely had any outtakes, and the family had a lot of photos to choose from.

One thing I struggled with during these photo shoots was shadows. I had learned in school, and from experience, that taking photos with direct sunlight overhead tends to flatten out the image and colors. So I had specifically decided to take pictures in the early or late day. For both shoots, we were out after 5pm. Some shots were great, but I really had to up my ISO, so they are grainier than what I would have liked. And for other shots, I was struggling to keep harsh shadows off her face. Or keep my shadow out of the shot! I will have to practice more to combat those shadows so I have less Photoshop work in the future. I’ve also read about using flash outdoors, which I will have to experiment with in the future.

The photo above is one of my favorites. I think I like it so much, since it’s one of the only ones she isn’t smiling in. Not that she doesn’t have a great smile, but she was such a good model and smiled so easily, that this one was a rare one.

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