St. Peter, Minnesota

Design, Photography

For July’s photo outing, Kristin and I took a trip to St. Peter, Minnesota. I remembered driving through their downtown on my way to my Grandparents, and I thought it might be a cute spot to take pictures. I also distinctly remembered a cute, wooden gazebo that was in a park there, that I think my aunt and uncle were married at.

On our way into the downtown area, we spotted a coffee shop and stopped for a coffee, lemonade, and a change of clothing, since it was much hotter than we had expected it to be. On our way out of the coffee shop, we spotted a water fountain and went to explore. There was a little park with a walking trail that led into the woods. The woods looked promising, so we trudged ahead! Turns out, it was pretty disappointing. The trail was not covered at all, so we were in the hot sun on an over 80 degree day. After a short walk, we could see there was no shade in sight, so we turned back.

Since downtown was fairly busy at that time, we thought it might be fun to go explore Gustavus Adolphus College. On the way there, we passed the park that had the little, wooden gazebo. Sadly, the gazebo had been replaced by a larger, not-as-cute gazebo (or I just completely remembered it as nicer than it was…that could be the case too). The college looked very ’70s. There was one building that was architecturally interesting, but otherwise, the buildings were all brick and rectangular.

Luckily, the college had an arboretum, which is where we spent most of our time. Sadly, there wasn’t any shade here either, so we got really warm walking around. I was concerned that it might be too warm, and our lenses might get condensation on them, but they appear to be fine. I got a lot of flower pictures, so that made the sweaty walk worth it!

After hours in the sun on a hot day, we didn’t have the energy left to go back and explore downtown. Maybe on another day trip, we’ll pass by there again and stop.

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