Caponi Art Park

Design, Photography

This is the poster for my June photo outing with Kristin. We both had very busy months, so we had to get together on a weeknight and had less photo time than we usually do. For this adventure, we went to Caponi Art Park in Eagan. Neither of us had been there before, and I had only caught a glimpse of it while taking a walk.

We started out of the parking lot on a trail that went to the South. After wandering around the trails for awhile, we started to wonder where the art was. Everything was just nature paths through the woods. It was nice, but not as art-filled as we had been expecting. So we back-tracked to the parking lot and went North instead. (I knew there were sculptures to the north, since that was near where I had walked previously.)

When I’m in a new place, there is so much to take in, that I sometimes miss obvious things. So there is a potential that we missed it, but I didn’t see anything that explained the art. I can’t remember for sure, but I think there may have been something to tell what the name of the piece was and who created it, but nothing about what they were trying to say. For some of the art, that was ok. For others, I really feel like I needed an explanation.

Because of this, I tried to mimick the feelings of not really clearly knowing what is going on in my poster. Some of the photos are easy to see and some blend into the others more. I also chose to hand write the name of the poster, rather than pick a font. Because I get the Caponi Art Park newsletter, and I see the snake sculpture all the time, I chose to make my text mirror the snake a little with curves. I realized after I finished the text, that the triangle on the end makes it more dragon-like, but I like it better when it tapered off.

So that was Caponi Art Park. I hope my poster inspires you to check it out!

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