May Photo Outing

Design, Photography

On Memorial Day Weekend Kristin and I went out for another photo adventure! This time we went to the Japanese Garden at Normandale, the Lyndale Rose Gardens, the Peace Garden, and the Lakewood Cemetery. It was a fun day filled with brunch, photos, and conversation.

Our adventure included trees full of hammocks, a baby bunny munching on grass, an accidental unflattering photo of a stranger, and a security guard stopping us in the Lakewood Cemetery. (Turns out I am still a 17-year old in my head, and I assumed we were going to be scolded in some way for being there with cameras, but he had stopped us to let us know about their app. So it is true…there is an app for everything!) And of course, flowers, flowers, flowers!

For my poster this month, I focused on the Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden. My plan was to have photos in the background of the Rose garden that were flowery and had blurry backgrounds. In the foreground would be multiple photos cropped to mimic the pagoda in the Japanese Garden. It didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped. I think it would have been better to have one image in the background or foreground and then multiple images for the opposite one. It got a little busy, and the pagoda didn’t stick out as much as I had hoped without an outline and drop shadow. Since I had so many photos to showcase, I opted to stick with the original design. Maybe I will revisit the idea in an upcoming poster.

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