Poster Project

Design, Photography

Every month, I meet with a friend, and we go off on a photo adventure. Last month, we went to Moir Central Park. After getting home and looking at my images, I was trying to decide the best way to put them on the blog, and I thought that maybe I should make a poster. Then I was thinking that it might be fun to make a poster for every place that we visit. It will also be a photography and design challenge, since it would get boring really quickly if every poster looked exactly the same. So I am going to try to create a completely different layout for each place and try convey the feeling of each place.

As I said, last month was Moir Central Park in Bloomington. It was a warm and overcast day, and things were really just starting to grow. Compared to our previous photo trips, it was nice to actually have some green things to photograph. And even some flowers! The best part of the walk was finding all the strange, but fun things along the way. The three things that really stood out for me were the rocks that someone placed artistically on top of a large rock, the Christmas ornament that was hanging from a tree, and someone’s car key fob hanging from a tree. What is the story behind those? And I hope the person without the key fob is still able to get into their car!

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