Art Day!


This weekend, Nick suggested that I take some time to make some art. And what a great suggestion that was! I have to do that more often.

Since I bought some gouache a LONG time ago and had never opened it, it seemed like the perfect medium to play around with. I looked through my photos, but wasn’t really inspired by anything I saw. (Sounds like a photo excursion is in order too!) So I headed over to Flickr and found this beautiful photo by Michael Chandler. I love it!

Since it had been so long since I’d used gouache, I forgot how to use it! I thought it was more opaque than what it really is. So I made some choices early on that were not so easily fixed. Oh well. For a practice/playing around piece, I think it turned out nice.

While I was waiting for the gouache to dry, I remembered to take in-progress photos and a photo of my workspace. They are below. I’m excited for my next creating day!


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