It’s Here!


The printed proof for End of the Line is here! It’s so exciting! I can finally quit wondering if everything will fit into the box because it will. And there’s even room for the expansion that Seppy is currently play-testing. Hooray!

It’s so exciting to see everything put together and in a more finished version. We got a test copy at another print shop, but those were all just pieces, no box, insert, or shelters. This is everything!…well, almost everything. We had some confusion about the wood components, so we are still waiting for another proof on that, but that is not a big thing.

The best part about looking at the proof, was that there is really nothing major that needs to be changed. We just have to sort out which cards go in which bags, and we are ready to tell them to go to production. So exciting! I can’t wait to see the complete packaged version. I already held it up to our shelf of games, and it really stands out. I hope people like the game!


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