St. Paul Photo Outing


A few weekends ago, my friend, Kristin, and I went to St. Paul for a photo outing. Since the forecast looked like rain, our original plan was to take photos inside at Union Depot. Unfortunately, we did not know about all of the construction downtown, the Farmer’s Market, or the Food Truck Festival that was going on. Traffic was a little crazy! Since we couldn’t see any rain, we decided to get out of the traffic and head over to the Cass Gilbert Memorial Park, around Robert and University. I had seen an overlook area on some of my drives in to work, and I imagined that there would be great views of the city.

Unfortunately, the park was unimpressive. It looked like there was some construction going on, so I’m hoping that it might be more interesting in the future. Now, it was just blocked off areas and construction trailers. There was a little walkway with benches that was cute, but they sat looking directly into the construction fence. And the view that I was hoping for? Not what I had in mind. The sky was really hazy, so visibility was not as great as it could have been. The only view that I really liked was of the St. Paul Cathedral. The trees framed it really nicely, but the haze either made the photos look bad, or really made my inexperience show, since I’m not pleased with how the photos turned out.

On the good side, while we were parking, we happened to notice a little sculpture park nearby. That was really cute. There were a lot of flowers and sculptures to take pictures of. I enjoyed it much more than the other park, but like I said, it’s not a fair comparison, since it could be due to construction.

To see more of the photos from this outing, check out my flickr page.


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