Movie Posters


So why no posts lately? Well, I’ve been incredibly busy at work. For about the past five or six weeks, we’ve been rebranding and redecorating our entire building, getting ready for our 35th Anniversary party that took place last Thursday. It required quite a bit of overtime and some weekend work. After getting home late, I really didn’t do much other than eat and go to bed. So I didn’t have much to share.

In addition to all the painting, my boss, Sean, and I had our own project that we had to come up with as a giveaway for the party. We decided to make a movie poster. We wanted to showcase variable data and all the cool things you can do with it. While waiting for their tour, guests filled out a quick questionnaire-type form in Access. As they went on their tour, we collected the data that they entered and printed their variable posters for them to pick up when they came into our department anywhere from 15-25 minutes later.

The inspiration for the posters came from one of the posters created for Burlesque. I took pictures of employees and had them make 10 different faces related to a specific emotion. We then chose the best of each female and male photo to use. (The picture taking part was so much fun! My cheeks hurt so much from laughing!)

When guests filled out their questionnaire, they got to choose either a male or a female, an emotion, and a color. Those choices put the characters into their spots on the poster and colored their eyes. Then they also got to choose a title (or make their own) and a movie plot that our talented co-worker, Jason Sandberg, wrote (or make their own). The final choices were for the font and color of the text. We added the line, “Based on a true story by xxxxx,” where we put in their name so that we could tell who created which poster.

It was so much fun, and people loved it! The owners of the company thanked me and Sean multiple times, which was really nice. Sadly, I did not get to partake much in the party, because I was helping search for posters and filling in on the tour duties, but it was still a nice time! But I am glad it’s over!!


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