A few years ago, I sent my physical photographs out to be scanned to a disk. This weekend, I finally went through the arduous task of organizing them! It was time consuming, but fun to look back and see a bunch of photos that I don’t remember very well.

I thought I would share this photo with you because it’s the first photograph that I remember taking with a creative idea in mind, not just pointing and shooting. This is a picture of my brother in our tent on a camping trip we took. I had to lighten it a bit because it was really dark after being scanned, but, no, it’s not a good photograph.

In my childhood mind, I thought that with the shadows of the trees on the tent and my brother in front of them, the photo would come out with him looking like he was in the jungle. I obviously didn’t really understand photography much back then, because he didn’t look like he was in the jungle to my actual eye when I took the picture. But I was convinced that it would look really cool when it got developed. I was so disappointed when I got the photo back and a) my brother did not appear to be in the jungle, and b) the photo was so dark.

It’s fun to look back and see how much I’ve learned!


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