Wellspa MN


Remember that post I was telling you about last week that was all ready to go except for the image? Well this is it. Enjoy!

This image is a brochure that I designed for Wellspa MN. You can check them out at www.wellspamn.com. Creative Graphics has been doing business with the owner, Mary Haas, since before I started working there. She used to own a photography business and has recently opened up a wellness spa.

Mary is great to work with. She really values creativity and has a lot of great ideas herself. She also really lets you know how much she appreciates what you do. Ahhhh, if only there were more Marys in the world!

I did a couple of designs for her. One was similar to this one, but without the teal solid. (From working with her previously, I know that she really likes simple designs.) But after I had put the solid color on the screen, I really fell in love with it and had to add it as a sample. Not that the other design was bad, it just needed a little something. Luckily, she liked it too!

The rounded edges in the border match her business cards that I previously designed for her. We rounded two of the opposite corners, so the border is a mirror of that. A fun design to work on, and I’m pleased with how it turned out.


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