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Last week was quite a hectic week. I was the only one in the prepress department at work, and customers decided they needed printing, and they needed it now! It got to be too much work for one person, so I ended up getting a lot of extra hours in (can’t complain about that! Especially when I get my check!).

It was also a little hectic in my personal life as well. We had a midweek game of Battlestar Galactica so that one of our friends could play the game for the first time. And I had an early morning 8 mile jog planned with my best friend. (I didn’t make it the full 8 miles, by the way. But I was able to go 5! Yea!) Not to mention all the hours I’ve been logging on my painting…

What all of this is leading up to, is that I meant to post these logos sooner. So here they are. These are some logos that I designed at work for a Realtor. He wanted a logo for his tagline that he can add on to all of his business ephemera. At first, this project was a little daunting because there are so many logos out there for Realtors that use a house or a key. I was afraid it would be hard to come up with something that wasn’t cheesy. I think I managed to make obvious what it was and still keep it looking sophisticated. The final copy, the art that the customer chose, is the square house with line drawing roof over the top, in the tealish-blue color. This was honestly, my last choice (the taller house with the outlined roof), but after he told me the tweaks he wanted made to it (the shorter house with the words Key and Home emphasized), I think it looks much nicer.


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