Pattern Designs


It’s been really slow at work lately, and that makes the days seem REALLY LONG! When it starts to get slow like this, I usually come up with a project for myself to pass the time. This time, I decided to make patterns. I have been seeing some flower patterns online that I really like. So after searching through a few pages of Google images for inspiration, I headed to Illustrator to see what I could do. My first pattern was the blue and gray one. I think it’s pretty similar to one of the designs that I really liked (I didn’t save anything, just viewed it in Google and then closed the browser to design). The second one is the pink and gray one. And my final design is the one with the gray lines. It’s interesting how these evolved from pattern to pattern. I’m not sure which one is my favorite, which made it really hard to decide which one to use for my featured image!


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