St. Croix Hospice


At work, we got to do a fun design project for St. Croix Hospice! Our customer wanted a brochure created, but she didn’t want it to be a standard trifold. Her brochures get placed in hospitals in a rack next to a bunch of other brochures, so she wanted something that would stand out more. It’s rare that we get to design a more interesting fold or a die cut. I did four different designs, a gate fold, a tiered z-fold, a trifold with a that was basically a bifold with an extra flap, and a die cut that mimicked their logo. I figured the die cut of their logo wasn’t very practical because it left a lot of pieces that could tear when placed in a brochure holder, but it was fun to do something different. These brochures are all mock ups, which is why some of the photos look bad and have watermarks stamped across them. The customer ended up going with my co-worker’s design, which was really nice, so I don’t have a final piece to show you. But I really enjoyed working on this project!


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