The Official Unveiling!


Here it is! The official unveiling of my new website. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I wish I could say it’s all my design, but I do not know enough about web yet to make something this great. But parts of it are close to what I had sketched out for my original design.

So why the new website? Well, there are two reasons, really. The first had to do with the CMS. I was using Squarespace previously. It’s a great program, and I’m sad to no longer be using it, but it’s a lot more than what my little site needs. I barely used it even near its full potential. And, for what I was using it for, the price was high. I would definitely recommend it though. Especially if you don’t have a lot of web knowledge. It’s really easy to use and setup with not really knowing HTML. And they have support, so there is someone to fall back on and ask questions if you get stuck.

This new site is on WordPress using the theme Source. I chose WordPress because it has so much flexibility. Right now I’m using a purchased theme, but in the future, I can learn to create my own themes. And it seems to be in that middle ground. There is support, but I’m on my own for a lot of it. It’s like jumping in the deep end, but with a life jacket. Since I would like to learn more about web design, this seemed to be a good choice. Oh, and the price is good as well!

The second reason for the switch was that my site was looking a little dated. Lately, I’ve been seeing all these amazing websites that use a full image in the background or parallax scrolling and have great typography. I was super excited to try one of these for my own site, while modernizing it a bit.

So I should warn you. Now that I’ve “jumped in the deep end,” there may be some technical difficulties from time to time. (If you have been trying to get to my site lately, you’ve already noticed this.) Please be patient with me! I’m learning, and there will probably be some hiccups from time to time. I hope that this turns out to be a better site than what I had before, and that I learn a lot. Thanks!

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