Oh Deer!


One of the big perks in our new house is the wooded backyard. Since we’ve moved in, we’ve seen squirrels, bunnies, turkeys, deer, frogs, and many different types of birds. So far my favorite is the deer. This little lady has been sighted in our yard multiple times. This is the second time I’ve seen her laying down and enjoying the buffet. The first time, I tried to take a picture, but she saw me, got scared, and ran. My picture ended up being a blur, and I felt like I was showing people an ultrasound. “See that there? That’s the head…” And they would politely nod and smile, even though all they could see was a brown blur amongst the greenery.

This time, she sat still. She even stayed there long after I left! So I think we’re gonna be friends. By the end of the summer, I’m sure she’ll let me pet her…right?

My second favorite sighting was Peeper Frog (as I named him). I found him climbing up our windows a few times. At first, I was really excited because he was so cute. After noticing that he was peeing on every window he visited, I was a little less excited. But his cuteness won out, and the pee was on the outside of the windows, so I decided I could forgive him. (It was a long trek in frog leaps from the ground to where he was, after all.)

Peeper Frog got his name because he would sit at the bottom of our kitchen window for hours, and he looked like he was looking in at us. Although, if he were a real peeper, he wouldn’t have sat still while I took all the photos of him! But maybe he knew that they wouldn’t be very identifiable because I was taking them through the screen. (Hence, no frog pictures. Sorry!)


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