This weekend was our annual baking weekend. My husband and I bake about 9 different treats for some of our friends. We package them up in reusable bags and deliver them. If our friends want to receive treats again next year, they have to return the bags to us by December 1st. If not, they lose their spot for that year, and we choose someone new to take their place. They can always return the bag at a later date to be included in the next year.

In the past, we had put the treats in baggies or plastic wrap and included a sheet explaining what everything was. Last year, we had made a compound butter and wrapped it in wax paper that was twisted at the ends. We heard from a few people that they didn’t notice the explanation sheet and ended up chowing down on the butter by itself. To remedy this, I made tags to put on every thing this year, in addition to the explanation sheet. (Although I did find the butter-eating stories funny because it sounds like something I would do!)


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