New Project


For this post, I’m trying out the SquareSpace iPad APP. So far, it’s pretty nice. I can take a photo and load it up to my blog much faster than with my digital camera. We’ll see over the next few weeks which way I prefer to post. (I type so much faster on a regular keyboard!)

What is this a sketch of? Good question. This is my next project that I am working on for a friend. She has asked me to paint her something and provided me with a large canvas and a gift certificate for supplies. What did she ask me to paint? Nothing! She told me to paint whatever I want. It was so hard to come up with an idea. After a few ideas that were not working, I came up with this. Now you need to use your imagination since this is a very rough sketch. The background is going to be a city skyline and there is a person on the foreground. I don’t want to write too much since this is supposed to be a surprise, and she might read my blog! I plan on keeping updates of my progress periodically though. I guess based on how surprised she is, I will know if she ever reads this or not! Well, except that she’s an actress, so she could always just pretend to be surprised…

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