Happy New Year!


I hope everyone enjoyed their new year celebrations! I’m looking forward to all the exciting things this year will bring.

First, I should talk about the drawing above. For the holidays, my amazing husband got me a Sensu. If you don’t know what that is, let me tell you. It’s a paintbrush/stylus that you can use on your iPad. (Here’s their website: http://www.sensubrush.com.) I’ve been using the APP Procreate to play around with it, and so far, I love it! This is probably my first sketch that I have done that isn’t just a bunch of scribbles trying to figure out how things work. But the scribbles are even fun to create. I am looking forward to using it more!

I also have to let you know that there will be a delay in my painting that I have been working on. (The link to the original post is here: https://melonielavely.com/melonie-lavelys-blog/2012/11/25/new-project.html) We are in the process of trying to sell our house, so many things have been relocated to make the house more showing-friendly. That included my large canvas. I’m not sure when I will be able to get back to it, but I’ll post more as soon as I can.

On a different note, last month was my 10 year anniversary at Creative Graphics! Can you believe it? I have been working at the same company for a decade. (I still can’t believe it.) So much has changed between the time I started there and now…the industry…the company…and me. Sometimes at work, I come across files that I had created from back when I started, and I have to scold my younger self. But after that, I have to pat my older self on the back, because I’ve come such a long way.

johnny_on_bed coffee_cup

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