Charleston, South Carolina


This month I had a ladies’ trip to Charleston, South Carolina. This was my first time ever being there, and it was not what I expected. First off, since we were in the South, I expected everyone to have a Southern accent, but it seemed like the only people that we ran into that had Southern accents were tourists. (I guess now I can’t get upset with everyone who comes to Minnesota expecting us to have “Minnesota” accents. I totally get it now.) Second, I expected it to be more city-ish. I figured that since it’s a very old city and a capital, that it would have at least a few skyscrapers. I think someone told us that the tallest building is only 4-stories high. And the city seemed more like a sprawling suburb to me. Maybe because the buildings were so short?

But despite all that, I had a fun time! My friend, Sarah, who is 5’2″ (I can’t remember her exact height, but it’s somewhere around there) rented a car for us, and the only thing they had available was a huge truck! I think it was a Ford F-150. I tower over my friends at 5’9″, and it was not the easiest vehicle for me to get in and out of. I don’t even know how it was for them. Sarah was amazing navigating that giant truck through the tiny, winding streets of Charleston though. I would have at least done a curb check once, and been lucky if that was all the damage I did!

We took in some sights, went on some tours, went to an open house (curiosity!) and enjoyed the warm weather. Yes. It was in the 70s, while there was a super snowstorm here at home. I’m glad I missed it, but I felt bad that I was enjoying a stroll on the beach while Nick was at home fighting to keep the driveway cleared and being stuck inside in April!

When we were leaving, one of my friends asked us what our favorite part of the trip was. And I had two favorites. The first was staying up late with Sakura and laughing hysterically at Facebook videos. The second was when we took a tour of the Charleston Tea Plantation, found a white bridge near the entrance, and I took “Senior Photos” of Leslie and Sarah. (And yes, Nick told me as well that both of these activities could have been done somewhere closer to home. But it wouldn’t have been the same.)

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