My last post was the first post of the New Year…and now it’s already April…I have been derailed. But the thing that is ok about being derailed, is that the track is still there, I just need to get back on it. And here I am! Yea!

So what has been going on since January? Not as much as I would have liked. Looking back, I think I made some really ambitious plans for the New Year. Not that I’ve given up on those plans completely, but I have dialed them back a bit and changed my focus a little. So this year may not be as action-packed as my January post had promised, but it’s still going to be good.

This past weekend, Kristin and I had another photo outing. This is the first one since January, due to me getting sick and scheduling conflicts. It has gotten nice outside, so we were able to go to a nearby park. Which worked well, since we had to sandwich this outing between my morning plans and her evening plans. Originally, we were going to go the the Japanese Garden at Normandale, but Kristin scouted it out the weekend before, and everything is still pretty dead there. We ended up going to Moir Central Park in Bloomington, and we found that things were pretty dead there still as well. But it was nice to be outside, and we did find newly growing things poking out of the ground here and there. So it’s only a matter of time before we can take some not-so-brown nature photos! I’m hoping we are able to align our schedules with the cherry blossoms at Normandale. Maybe we will have to plan an emergency mid-week photo shoot.

The photo I chose for this post was one of my favorites. I’m not sure why, since I took a lot of close-up photos of dead weeds, and also some photos that had more color in them. But there is something about the spiky texture of the plant and the blurry background that I really like.

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