Downtown Minneapolis Skyways


This Sunday, Kristin and I had another photo excursion! We went to the Minneapolis skyways this time. I was expecting them to be bustling, since I am always hearing how much busier Minneapolis is than St. Paul. But it really seemed to depend on where you were. Some areas were pretty comparable to St. Paul, and we only occasionally ran into people. While in other areas, especially where some sporting event seemed to be starting, there were much more people. But the only time it really ever felt busy was in Macy’s. But I think that’s because the walkways are smaller and there are people shopping in there as well as skyway wandering. And, it probably doesn’t help that the store is closing, so everything is on sale.

Another difference was the lack of pigeons. It didn’t occur to me, until Kristin pointed it out, that they don’t have any pigeon spikes (at least not that we saw). Which makes sense, since they don’t really have ledges for the birds to roost on. In that way, it was much cleaner. At least outside the skyway. Inside, it really depended on where you were. Most areas in Minneapolis seemed well cleaned and like they were maintained often. There were some areas where there was garbage on the ground or random spots where food was left to sit, just like in St. Paul. To me, Minneapolis seemed more corporate (for the most part) and more modern. St. Paul was more quirky and antique-ish. But, the St. Paul skyways did seem smaller and more open, so you could see outside a little better. In Minneapolis, I was more distracted by the internal skyway architecture and design, so I didn’t notice what was outside as much.

Overall, it was a fun trip. We walked about 6.5 miles! The funniest part to me was that we were able to roam freely and take as many pictures as we wanted in the Government building, but one of the buildings (I think it was the Crowne Plaza) immediately told us that we couldn’t photograph in the building at all. You would think it would be the other way around. But they must have something really exciting there to photograph.

The first photo (the one with the skyway and the light coming through the edges, is dedicated to my friend, Jeff. Thanks for the inspiration before we started our day!

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