So much has happened…

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It’s been a little longer than what I really want it to be between posts, but it’s for good reasons.

First, in exciting news, End of the Line is here! Whoo hoo! (Or “who boo” as spell check keeps trying to make it!) Originally, the game was scheduled to be here in February, but since we had so much of it ready before we started the Kickstarter, it was ready early. What a nice surprise! For those of you who didn’t Kickstart it, but would like a copy, it is available at Tower Games, Level Up, and The Source. (I’m sure all of these game stores are great, but Tower Games is owned by Fight in a Box Co-Owner, Bob. So I’m partial to it, ’cause Bob is awesome! And he’s done a lot to give the store a greatly needed makeover. Yea Bob!)

My art/craft room has gotten a new paint job! So nice. I found the colors in one of those paint sample books that you get at the store, and I loved them! Although it’s probably not the best color choice for displaying colored artwork or photos, I like it so much more than I would had I gone with a neutral color. Now with the painting done, I have also put up some artwork and decorated the room a bit (Don’t rush me! We only moved in around three years ago!) And since there was so much left of the yellowish color, I painted a bathroom with it as well.

Kristin and I had another photo outing. Unfortunately, since it has gotten cold here, our outings have moved indoors. This time we went to Union Station in St. Paul and also wandered the skyways a bit. It was a Sunday, so both places were pretty empty. We found a lot of interesting architecture and some oddities, such as a tiny door on the side of a stairwell, and an elevator with a door that was obviously too large to fit the door frame. Strange.

Overall, the past month was great, and I’m looking forward to an even greater December. There are festivities and days off of work, so it has to be good, right?

artroomeotl_finished_mg_1767 _mg_1729 _mg_1702 _mg_1640 _mg_1604_mg_1673

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