End of the Line


The big project that I have been working on lately for Fight in a Box is End of the Line. It’s a game about Post-Apocalyptic Family Survival. Basically, you are playing as a family who is trying to survive life after the apocalypse. In this world, people are trying to create some sort of order amidst the chaos. So they have created lines that you wait in for water, ammo, food, fuel, and a black market. (Yes. In a post-apocalyptic world, you would be friendly and wait your turn in line for the black market!) You line your family up, create laws, collect goods, fend yourself against attacks and do what you need to do to survive. The winner is the last family standing. Hopefully you will be an entire family standing, but more often than not, it ends up being a family member or two who survive. It’s a great game, and I highly recommend it. Of course I am a bit biased…

Lately I have been working on the instruction manual. It’s gotten quite an overhaul from my original idea, which was just a simplistic black and white design. But I think it’s a change for the better. The minimalist in me is sad to see the old design go away, but this design is much grittier and captures the concept much better.

I thought I would share a few pages today. Please note that this is not the final design. We are still in progress, and although I think we are close, the final design will probably be at least a little bit different.

Instructions_CVR-1 Instructions_CVR-3 Instructions_CVR-7

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