For my birthday, Nick sent me and my best friend, Sakura, to Manhattan, New York! Hooray!

Why New York? Well, Nick had asked me where I would want to go in the continental U.S. if I could choose anywhere (he did exclude San Francisco, Sioux Falls, and Louisville, just to be random). I’ve never been to the upper east coast, and New York seemed like a place you need to experience at least once in a lifetime. So that’s where I chose.

It was a good time! We saw a bunch of touristy sites and ate a lot of food. Sadly, we really needed more time there to eat. We pretty much saw everything we wanted to see, but we were not able to eat everything we wanted to eat. So sad! No Japanese bakery or crepes!

I was really surprised by how friendly the people were. I guess I was expecting the New York based on stereotypes that I see on TV, but the people we came across were all friendly. And genuinely friendly too!

I don’t like most of the pictures that I took on the trip, which is sad. A lot of times, I was too lazy to pull my regular camera out of the bag to snap a photo or two. So I relied on my phone, which is not the newest or the best, so it does not have a great camera on it. And the worst part is that I know better! I was really excited for my night-time Brooklyn Bridge photos, but they did not turn out well. Sad! That ought to teach me!

Overall, the trip was really fun and inspiring as well. I couldn’t wait to get home and start new art or sewing projects based on the things I’d seen. Sadly, traveling, plans, and a hearty amount of overtime have stopped me from getting started. But I have made notes of things I want to do, and at some point in the future, I should have time, right?

viewfrombrooklynbridge statueofliberty nyflower nybuilding newyorknight IMG_0198 centralpark_resevoir centralpark_canoes centralpark_buildings brooklynpier_manhattanbridge

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