A New Room!


Hello Friends! This summer is not slowing up to give me a chance to catch up with anything! But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I spent the entire month of July painting one room. Granted, it was in small spurts. So it really only took a few days, but it was spread out over the entire month, and it seemed like I could never get it finished! But now, the room is done, and I think it looks very fun…and modern…if you ignore the quilt in the corner!

I have also been working hard on getting End of the Line ready so Seppy can have a printed copy to take to his next gaming-con. Things are coming along nicely, and hopefully this will soon be a reality, and I can show you what the prototype looks like, IN PRINT!

I also ran in my third race. It was a trail run. I was interested to see if I would like trail running, since I know people who love it and people who hate it. Where do I stand? I’m in the middle. I liked it because it was so twisty and turny, you never knew exactly how much farther you had to go. Which is good for me, because I have to just zone out and enjoy the run. Otherwise, I’m expecting to see the finish line at every turn and not really enjoying it, just focusing on how much farther. I didn’t like it though, because it gets crowded very easily with the pathways being really narrow. Passing people was a bit difficult, especially since you had to beware of branches and rocks that could easily twist an ankle. Two people fell in front of me, and luckily, neither were bad falls.

I’ve also been enjoying the summer. I went to a Saints game and have another coming up soon. And I’m going to Valleyfair! Should be fun!


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