Board Game Design


Thanks to my wonderful husband, I have been introduced to Seppy Yoon, the Game Designer/Co-Owner of Fight in a Box. I’ve been helping him design some artwork for one of his games, End of the Line, which is a really fun post-apocalyptic game about standing in line to get goods. (If you get a chance to play it, I recommend it!)

These are some of my logo designs that I have been working on. The set of icons at the top is my favorite, but we’re not quite sure if we’ll be able to fit them into the game. The theme Seppy is going for is Cold War/Fallout. So I’ve been trying to get a bit of a retro feel going.

It’s been a lot of fun and a little stressful too. For part of the design, I have to make characters, which is not one of my strong points. But it’s good to challenge yourself, right? When I get something that’s not to embarrassing to show off, I’ll post it!


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