Bathroom Remodel


Are you tired of home remodeling pictures yet? Well, if you are, it’s a good thing for you that this is the last room that we are redoing this year. This is the main bathroom, and it used to have a pink pedestal sink, pink toilet, and flower wallpaper…on the ceiling as well as the walls! What a huge difference in this room! It’s so modern now. (Although, it was always fun to watch everyone’s reaction when we showed them this room!)

It’s so nice to have this done. We have been without a towel rack or toilet paper holder for over a month now, and the towels just don’t get as dry when they are bunched up on top of the toilet.

And since it was on super sale, we decided to try a bidet toilet seat! The concept has always made sense to me, but I wasn’t sure if I would like it. The part that grossed me out the most was that it has a heated seat. But actually, it’s nice, and I think it will be really nice in the winter! So in case you are on the fence about your own bidet toilet seat, I say “Go for it!” I’m happy that we got ours.

The original plan for this room was to just paint and replace the toilet and sink at a later date. But we decided that it made more sense to make the changes now, rather than choosing paint that goes with the pink porcelain, and then possibly redoing it in the future, if it didn’t look as good with our new sink and toilet. I’m glad that we did, because my original plan was to paint the room a dark gray. The room already looks smaller since the toilet and sink are so much larger than the previous ones. I think a dark gray would have made this look too dark and cramped. So good call Lavelys!

_MG_6649_MG_6651_MG_7856 _MG_7853 _MG_7852

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