The New Office


Here are the pictures that I promised of our new office. It’s my favorite room redo so far! On the wall above the door, the yellow bar goes across the top. On the opposite wall, it goes not quite halfway down the wall, and the walls that are perpendicular to that are at a slant to match up.

And check out that butcher block! So beautiful! (Can you believe it’s from IKEA?) I made the mistake of using a sponge brush, instead of a regular brush, to put on the varnish coat, so it’s a little globby in spots, but if it bothered me enough, I could always sand it down and redo it.

— Sidenote: What is a sponge brush any good for anyway? I’ve always hated them, but thought it would be nice to use so that I don’t have to clean up a varnishy brush multiple times. (I’m really bad at cleaning up anything with mineral spirits, which is one reason why I am hesitant to ever try oil painting.)–

I get so happy every time I come into this room, since it looks so nice! Sadly, I couldn’t find a good before picture, so you get to see just a picture of the border. And enlarged, it really doesn’t look so good! But it had a woodsy look to it. I also have a picture of the room while it was in-progress, with the painter’s tape masking off the sections. Nice improvement, I say!


3 thoughts on “The New Office

  1. It looks great! I love the yellow color.
    Can we see the opposite wall? I want to see the slant you’re talking about!

    1. This is the best photo that I could get of the wall. I can’t get zoomed out enough to get everything. Hopefully this gives you a better idea!

      Office Wall

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