Independent Study


For my Independent Study, I wanted to comment on how technology is changing our world and how we are affected by it.

My first piece is titled Communication. I wanted to show that even though we are in close proximity to others, it seems that we prefer to use our technology to speak instead of our voices. For this piece, I wanted to show a more intimate setting where two people had the opportunity to turn towards each other and speak, but instead are barely facing each other and are conversating through their phones.

My next piece is titled Fear. In this piece, I wanted to show how the world is a beatiful place, but by being constantly connected to technology and the negative messages that are sent out daily, people are starting to become afraid, when there is nothing to be afraid of. (I am not saying that there is nothing to fear in the world, but that the fears are growing, while the actual threats are diminishing.)

CommFinal Fear_final


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