I’m really late with this post. I wanted to get it online shortly after GenCon, but we’ve been busy shipping packages at work to fulfill our Kickstarter. So the days have gotten kind of long trying to cram in my regular work, plus a full day of shipping.

But enough of my sob story! I was so nervous and worried about GenCon and how crowded it would be, but it turned out to not be as big as what I had built it up to be in my mind. I’m not saying it wasn’t big, and it wasn’t crowded, but in my head, it was massive! Walking down the aisles was almost impossible! But in real life, it was like Origins, only bigger.

There were a few things for GenCon that were different for me from Origins. This time, I split my day up between the demo area and our booth. It was so nice! I love having that variety! Demoing was rough though. For 2 hours straight, you are taking people through the game. Then you get about a 5 minute break before the next group comes in. It was very tiring! But it did make the time go really quickly, and it was fun to see how people reacted to the game. It was quite a difference from working in the booth, where you will be really busy, then it’s all of a sudden slow, and then it’s busy again. Overall, I think it was a good experience, and I would definitely enjoy splitting my time up again in the future!

I also got to meet up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a really long time! We used to work at Kinko’s together, and then she moved to Georgia. Her and her husband own Wyrd, which does miniatures, and they were at GenCon! It was nice to catch up with her for awhile, and funny how many people from my past seem to keep popping up in the world of board gaming…

I had never been to Indianapolis before either, and I thought it was a really pretty city. We stayed near the river, and they have a walking area with canals in it! So cute! I was kind of hoping to see gondolas in the water, but there weren’t any. You could rent paddle boats, but I didn’t see anyone doing that. I was bummed that I didn’t bring any running gear because it would have been so pretty to run along the paths, but I was so worn out from the con that I probably wouldn’t have done that anyway. But maybe next year…

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