Chip Theory Games


This year I started working at Chip Theory Games. I’ve only been there for two weeks now, so I know I am still in the honeymoon phase, but I am loving it! It’s a great balance of production work and design. And the employees and owners are oozing creativity, which is so inspiring! Every day, I keep waiting for them to tell me something horrible about the job, because it seems too good to be true. There has to be something worse than just the commute, right?

Here is a tour of the office:

trunk door  picture of back side of trunk door

This is the door to the owner’s office from the outside and when it’s slightly open. It’s made to look like a trunk. How cool is that? It even has a padlock on it.

And here is the door to my office:

riveted door

The wheel on the door spins too. (It didn’t when we first got the door, so I’m not sure if the spinning now is intentional or not…)

And here is my office:

picture of a metal riveted chair by a desk

And since you are probably wondering (I get asked this question every time that I show people this photo), yes and no. The chair is comfortable, but it’s kind of cumbersome and it leans back more than what I like for working at a desk. As long as I remember to get up and stretch regularly, I don’t have a problem with it. When I get into intense-work-mode and forget to get up and move around, it can get uncomfortable. The best part about it though, is that I can sit cross-legged in it, which is really helpful when your feet are cold! (And I haven’t tried it, but it seems like it would be really good for napping. I just need to bring in a little blanket, and I’ll be all set!)

And here is the conference room:

conference room

And that concludes my office tour! There are other rooms, but I just took pictures of the front office. I didn’t want to be the weirdo who takes pictures of the bathroom or get in the way of the people working in the shipping area, so I don’t have pictures of those areas at all.

Last week, I worked on a reprinting for a game, making minor changes and getting everything ready for press. This week, I am working on designing for a new game. I’ve gotten the go ahead to share work, so I will periodically post some things to keep you updated with what I’m up to. Fun!

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