Last week, we were in Jamaica! It was such a great vacation. The past few times that we went, it was just me and Nick. This time, we talked four other couples into joining us. It was such a different vacation from our past visits. This time, we stayed up way later, and went to many events that we normally would have skipped. We logged a lot of hours in the ocean and then moved to the hot tub when it got too cold. I got to go snorkeling, sailing, and tried paddle boarding. So much fun!

Since we’ve been to this resort twice before, I ended up only bringing my new prime lens. Which saved my shoulder when we were traveling, since the camera bag gets to be really heavy with all of the lenses and all my travel stuff for the plane. The new lens was more of a challenge, because I can’t just zoom in to get the shot that I may have wanted. I had to be more creative! Yea! It was also good because I only took my camera out one day. One of my friends and I wandered around the resort snapping shots, and I didn’t have to drag poor Nick around the resort…again. (I think he really appreciated that.)

The photos below are just a few of my favorites. The rest can be seen here.

_MG_9950 _MG_9916 _MG_0037 _MG_0013

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