The Race is Over!


This past weekend was Grandma’s Marathon, and I ran the half marathon. I finished it in 2 hours and 18 minutes. Not my best time for running, but my legs are not as sore as they had been during training. So it was a good thing that I went slower!

I ran with my best friend, Sakura, and she was good at reining me in when I started to go too quickly. We stopped once for a bathroom break and slowed down a few times for water and gels. But otherwise, we ran the entire time! That is now the farthest I have ever run in my life!

The marathon was not as scary as I had built it up in my head to be. I was really concerned about the bathroom situation, but they had plenty of port-a-potties, and maybe I got lucky, but they were not all gross when I got to them. I was also scared because I was told that the crowd never thins out. Which was true, but the road was large enough, and there were only a few times when we got stuck behind someone who was slow and we had to wait to get around them. I had to dodge and weave through people more during my 5k!

This was actually such a good experience, that I’m not opposed to running in more marathons. I liked it much more than my 5k. But part of me feels like that is because I ran in the Chocoholic Frolic, which is more of a novelty run.

And now is the best part! I get to rest and recover! Yea!

(Here are my pre and post-race pictures. Not taken by me. Note the fanny pack!)

GrandmasRacePic GrandmasPostRace

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