The Ice Caves

Miscellaneous, Photography

Last weekend, I took a trip up to Duluth to spend time with my bestie. It was great! Lots of dancing, girly movies/tv shows, and chatting about life.

On Saturday, we trekked out to see the ice caves in Wisconsin. It was not exactly what I was expecting to see (I was thinking more caves, less shoreline), but it was still pretty. And after the amazing weather we had this week, I’m glad I got to see them before they all melted. As you can see, there were TONS of people there. We waited in line for a shuttle for about an hour. And taking pictures with nobody in them, was difficult. I either had to shoot up high or get really close to things. If you missed them this year, maybe you will be able to check them out next year. Although I’m interested in seeing what the islands look like in the summer when the are not covered in ice!

walk icicles cave arch

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