Colonial Day!

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This weekend was Colonial Day (that’s what we call it, in reference to the show Battlestar Galactica)! We invited some friends over and played the board game all day long! And I’m not joking when I say all day long. We started at 10am and finished around 11pm! The game has four expansions, and we play them all in a row, adding things in to follow the thematics of the TV show. (If you didn’t already realize it, we’re a little nerdy!)

This year for Colonial Day, we wanted to make our copy of the game more fun! Nick got a fancy case and designed some stickers and envelopes to put everything in. I was in charge of painting the miniatures, as you can see. For the most part, they were really easy to do. I just primed them and dry-brushed them with another color. But the white planes (vipers) were much harder. I had to freehand those. And I had a few snafus…one of which involved me not realizing that a plane fell on the garage floor, and I ran over it with my car! Oops!

This went well (other than the car snafu), and I’m excited to move on to our other games! Watch out Last Night on Earth! Your zombies will no longer be red, green, and brownish globs of plastic!

BSG_cylon BSG_All2 BSG_All

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