Cute Squirrel!


We recently bought a new bird feeder, and it has been a hit! Especially with the squirrels, which upsets Nick. He runs outside to try and scare them away. But they are pretty bold. They will sit and wait until he is almost within arms reach, and then they run away. And they come back shortly after they have been scared off. They’re really cute, but they will sit at the feeder for hours, stuffing their faces, which scares away all of the birds. Apparently, we need to get a squirrel feeder soon as well!

This cute little guy has discovered a routine that works well for him to get all of the sunflower seeds that he can. He stands on the deck, and then does a backflip onto the feeder so that his head is at the bottom (that’s the only place he can get seed from). After he gets some seeds, he jumps back onto the deck railing, eats, and starts the routine all over again. Even with him doing this over and over again, I was still only able to get a few really good shots. The rest were all so blurry because he’s so fast!

squirrel_feeder squirrel_deck

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