Sketchy February Continues


It’s been a week, and so far, Sketchy February is going really well! I’ve only missed one day of drawing, and that was only because we had plans for all day on Saturday. By the time we got home that night, it was already Sunday. But on the good side, if I have extra time, I’ve been doing more than just one drawing. Hooray!

I had thought when I started this project, that not having any guidelines would be really good, because then I could just do whatever I want. But that is proving to be more challenging. I am struggling more with figuring out what to draw, than I am with the actual drawing! And I’m wishing that I was more of a knick-knack person, because those are really easy set ups for a quick still life. (Things to keep in mind for future projects.)

Here are three of my favorite sketches from last week:

February_4_2012 February_5_2014 February_9_2014

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