The New Year


It’s the end of January 2014, and I’m already late with my posts. Not exactly how I had planned to start the new year. But I do have a reason. I got a new job! Yea! I am now working at Ideal Printers in St. Paul. I actually started working part-time awhile ago and was hired on full-time in December.

It’s been really great so far! The employees are all really nice, and there’s lots to do. So much to do, in fact, that I am getting a lot of overtime. Which is great for the money, but leaves me with less time at home to work on my own creative endeavors. (Hence the lack of posts.)

One really fun thing about this job is that I started right before some big changes were happening in my department. We got some new equipment, relocated to the second floor of our building, and had a whole new room and office built for us! The construction was tough at times because it was so noisy and dusty, but the final product is really nice. Here’s a picture of what my office looks like when you walk in and when you are by my desk. Fun!


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