Digital Photo Assignment #1


For my first digital photography assignment, I was exploring gender roles. In the first three photos, the dress represents a traditional woman’s task that the man is performing. In the next three photos, the over-dressed woman is performing traditional male tasks. There was some debate in class as to whether the dress on the male was necessary or whether the female should have been in more traditional male clothing. I feel that if the male was not in the dress, then it would have just been a man performing tasks. Having him in the dress, I feel reinforces that the task he is performing is a “woman’s” task. As far as the female goes, I feel that our society is much more accepting of women wearing men’s clothing, and that it is more out of the ordinary to see an incredibly dressed-up female performing “men’s” work.

Inside-Outside1 Inside-Outside2 Inside-Outside3 Inside-Outside4 Inside-Outside5 Inside-Outside6

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