Ideal 35th Anniversary

Variable Data Poster

The Project

My supervisor and I came up with a movie poster that could showcase on-demand printing on the iGen using variable data for the company’s 35th Anniversary Party. Guests to the party were asked to enter some data into a computer when they started their tour. The data they entered was used to generate 14″ x 26″ posters that were customized by their data and available for them to pick up at the end of their tour. The poster was a collaborative project: employees modeled, I photographed and designed the poster (based on a Moulin Rouge poster), a co-worker made up movie synapses, and my supervisor created an Access interface to collect and create a final CSV file to populate the posters.


Ideal Printers

Project Type:

Variable Data Poster

Programs Used:

Photoshop & InDesign

photo of move posters