End of the Line

Board Game Design

The Project

The company had a game idea and a roughed-out prototype that they had been using for play-testing. They gave me all of their assets and the idea that they wanted the art to be reminiscent of the Cold War Era with maybe a bit of Donna Reed. I was also given a Pinterest page to visit for ideas that included images that they liked. We started the project in color, moved to black and white, and ended up choosing a limited color palette for the final design. Similarly, the project went from more Donna Reed-ish and light, to dark, and ended up somewhere in the middle.


Fight in a Box

Project Type:

Board Game Design

Programs Used:

Illustrator, Photoshop, & InDesign

close up of End of the Line board game
front of a playing card in teal, brown, and orange with text and vector drawing
front of playing card in brown and orange with arrows
front of a playing card with card text and bomb image in the middle of a circle
back of a playing card with End of the Line logo in a circle
collage of vector logo design ideas
concept art of game board box lid in black and white with only Fight in a Box logo in color
box lid design of board game, flattened and showing die lines